Monday, October 29, 2012

John Gallagher Jr.: 'August Man' Feature

John Gallagher Jr. suits up for his feature in the November 2012 issue of August Man. Here’s what the 28-year-old actor had to share: On how he got into acting: “It all began with my overactive imagination as a kid. I was so obsessed with film that by the time I was 10 or 11 or so, I was almost certain that I wanted to be an actor. I did some local community theatre in my hometown and was hooked. When I was 13, I met a manager who worked out of Philadelphia, who started sending me to New York for auditions, and I’ve more or less kept moving ever since.” On what influences his music: “It’s influenced by almost everything that I hear. I love so many styles of music that I tend to write songs in the vein of whatever that is speaking to me most at any given moment. One of my heros is John Prine and I’ve always loved writing songs that take you on a trip and tell a story like his music does. This summer, I couldn’t stop listening to Paul Collins and his two bands The Nerves and The Beat, so all of a sudden I had a handful of songs that lived less in the acoustic songwriter realm and more in the world of power pop/punk. I’ve always loved trying new things in general and I find that that kind of adventurousness extends into my song-writing.” On his upcoming projects: “My dream is to make a record and tour with it. It’s just a matter of timing. The next project up for me that’s a sure thing is going back in to make season two of The Newsroom.” For more on John, visit!

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