Friday, October 12, 2012

Freddie Stroma: 'Da Man' Magazine Photo Feature!

Freddie Stroma shows off a hint of his chest while wearing an open shirt in this new shot from Da Man magazine. Here is what the 25-year-old British actor had to share with the mag: On filming The Philosophers: “I had a great time filming in Indonesia. The story is set in an International School and takes place in the last philosophy class of the year. And the characters slowly discover more about themselves, their friends and their values. I play a character who is a bit of a jock but only in the sense that he likes sports. He’s pretty playful and confident.â€� On his musical side: “I play guitar and sing but am not trained. I would perform at school and it was something else that I liked doing. So once I started acting and I occasionally had to sing in auditions, it was useful to have.â€� On his university studies: “Well, I studied Maths, Biology, Chemistry and German at A-level and wanted to carry on down that route. And to be able to study the brain scientifically just sounded amazing. It’s the best degree in the world! (in my opinion obviously) I didn’t study Neuroscience with any intentions of a career in research or anything. It was just a subject that I found really interesting.â€� For more from Freddie, visit! 10+ pictures inside of Freddie Stroma in Da Man magazine…

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