Friday, February 24, 2012

Amanda Seyfried's Fave 'N Sync-er: JC Chasez!

Amanda Seyfried kisses her dog, Finn, goodbye on Wednesday (February 22) in Los Angeles. The 26-year-old actress then drove to LAX Airport to catch a flight out of town. The night before, Amanda premiered her new film, Gone, and also made an appearance on Conan. Asked if she used to be an ‘N Sync fan – Amanda has worked with Justin Timberlake on two films – she replied, “Yeah I was. Who wasn’t, come on!” “I was obsessed with ‘N Sync, are you kidding me?” she told Conan. “But [Justin] wasn’t my favorite. I didn’t even find him attractive, in fact. I like JC [Chasez].” Amanda Seyfried – ‘Conan’ 10+ pictures inside of Amanda Seyfried leaving home and at LAX…

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